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The power of Music To Make Your Child's Drowsy

Child Sleep Solution - LullabyA lullaby is a proven way of helping babies and children fall asleep. Parents have always sung their children to sleep. Even animals lull their off-spring to sleep with special vocalizations. The deep purr of the mother cat has the effect of lulling her kittens to sleep.


Music is an emotion-based product of the mind. It affects the deepest structures in the human brain. The choice of music, therefore, is very important. Babies respond best to soothing, quiet melodies.


If you play recorded music for your child, you will find that children prefer Mozart, Brahms, Debussy, or other soft and gentle classical melodies. If you play the piano, try playing relaxing pieces at bedtime. Soft classical music has the effect of focusing the attention of the mind and inducing a deep state of relaxation and calm. Bach composed his famous Goldberg Variations for this very purpose.


A recent series of studies have found that the music of Mozart is especially conducive to boosting brain power. According to an article in the journal New Scientist, at the University of Illinois Medical Center, neurologist John Hughes and a musicologist colleague analyzed hundreds of compositions by Mozart, Chopin, and fifty-five other composers.


Hughes predicted that sequences repeating regularly every twenty to thirty seconds may trigger the strongest response in the brain, because many functions of the central nervous system such as the onset of sleep and brain wave patterns also occur in thirty-second cycles. Hughes found that of all the music analyzed, Mozart most often peaks every thirty seconds.


Child Sleep Solution - MozartIt is estimated that Mozart’s music is encoded with this particular brain pattern because he started composing when he was only four years old, an age at which he might have best been able to tap into this inherent neural structure.


The old-fashioned lullaby, sung by the parent to the child, is still one of the nicest ways of lulling your child to sleep with music. Parents need not limit their repertoire to the standard lullabies, such as “Hush Little Baby, Don’t Say a Word.” A pleasing melody and a soft and gentle tone are the elements that matter most.


Child Sleep Solution - SingingSinging to your child opens up a deeply personal level of communication that is magical. It is as beautiful for the parent as it is for the child. One father told me that he could still remember the German lullaby that his mother sang to him every night as he fell asleep, even though he never did learn to speak German.


It is best not to think of children as animals that can or should be “trained” or “conditioned” to perform certain tricks, but as humans we do make associations between things.


You can help your child associate that feeling of relaxation, calm, and safety necessary for sleep by singing or humming the same soothing lullaby each time your child wakes up in the middle of the night and needs to be lulled back to sleep or when your infant awakens to nurse. Sing softly to your baby while you nurse, and your baby will eventually learn to associate your song with the security and peace that make sleep desirable.


Click on music icon below to download free "Child Sleep" music for your children. Hope You enjoy the music too. :)


Child Sleep Solution - Music


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